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February in France

February in France

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! I, for one, am totally over it. I’ve been working almost non-stop for two weeks to prepare for this holiday (I work in a seasonal industry) and today feels totally anticlimactic. Working and commuting so much has left little time for recharging and even less for blogging, but I’m back!

Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite photos of Bordeaux. The four-year anniversary of my voyage to France passed last month, and I find myself dreaming, night and day, of life in the beautiful foreign city.

Life was slower in Bordeaux. The semester I spent in France felt much longer than five months. Devoid of typical college-age distractions, like a car, group of friends, and WIFI connection, days went by more slowly.

I miss a lot about Bordeaux. I miss the heavenly scent of freshly baked bread at the pâtisseries. I knew all the best places to find whole wheat baguettes, bien sûr! I miss window shopping along the Rue de Catherine and weekly stops at H&M. I miss the scraping of metal desk chair legs against laminate floor as I edited photos in my dingy dorm room. I miss the five euro bottles of renowned Bordeaux red wine, which cost three times as much here. I miss the ding of the tram and the wooshing of doors as the speakers announced our arrival at Michel Montaigne. I even miss the striking black and white magpies that frequented the university parking lot.

One of my favorite ways to pass time was meandering about with my camera, or as I referred to it, “taking my camera on a walk”. Here are a collection of photos from our walks four winters ago. Bienvenue à Bordeaux!

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