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Potato bread

Potato bread

put the potatoes to boil in their skins.

after they have boiled, we cut them a little thicker and give them the composition made of flour, milk, egg, salt, pepper, paprika and grated cheese, after which we put them in breadcrumbs and fry them in hot oil.

they can be served with a sauce, as a garnish for a steak, or simply with a salad.

8 recipes with unforgettable potatoes!

1. Potato salad with smoked mackerel

Salads should be eaten daily. They are easy to prepare, they are very healthy and, of course, they are tasty. As for the popular oriental salad, no introduction is needed. Here is a variant of it in which red potatoes and carrots are combined with apple and smoked mackerel together with a very simple dressing, flavored with basil.

2. Mushrooms of carrots and potatoes

Vegetarian meatballs can be eaten as such, but can also be served as a side dish or as an appetizer. In this case we use carrots and a larger potato and flavor with onion and parsley. Follow the steps and in 45 minutes the meal is ready. The best part is that no one dies except - perhaps - out of lust, but only figuratively.

3. Transylvanian scovergi with potatoes and cheese

Transylvanian cuisine is recognized as one with very tasty dishes. Thus, this recipe below is perfect to exemplify this. These scovergi have a crunchy dough on the outside but fluffy on the inside, and a delicious filling with salted bellows cheese and parsley. Do as much as possible, because your guests will fight over them!

4. Baked potatoes with Camembert cheese and quail eggs

We all know how healthy quail eggs are. As small as it is nutritious. What if we baked some in the pan with potatoes and Camembert cheese? It wouldn't hurt to flavor all these goodies, with a mix of Cajun spices, lemon peel and a little paprika.

5. Potato pudding with cottage cheese

We know it looks good, it's just an artichoke pudding, right? So arm yourself with a little patience and follow the steps below. It's a bit of boiling and baking, but the combination of cottage cheese with boiled potatoes and melted butter all over, is really worth the wait.

6. Baked potatoes in three ways

Baked potatoes are not just a side dish. We can do a lot of things with them. For this recipe, we felt inspired and cooked 3 baked potato recipes, each with its own flavor. It is up to you to choose what you like from rosemary, sage and thyme. But we advise you to try all three!

7. Potato croquettes with cheddar and bacon

An appetizer that combines some delicious ingredients and manages to combine them into a perfect snack to be served before a party. These croquettes have as main element the potato, mixed with cream cheese, green onions, fried bacon and cheddar. It should also be noted that this recipe avoids frying, as the croquettes are cooked in the oven.

8. Eat potatoes

Potato food is a recipe that can be eaten both as a main course and as a garnish for a good steak. But now that the post has arrived, the first option is more plausible. It is that kind of simple recipe, with few ingredients, but which manages to satisfy your appetite by behaving easily with the thought during childhood.

Breaded potatoes stuffed with ham and cheese - a great step-by-step recipe

Team Buc─â offers you an excellent recipe for breaded potatoes stuffed with ham and cheese. This dish is very good-looking and appetizing, the potatoes are crispy on the outside and very soft and juicy on the inside.

The stuffed potatoes are very delicious and flavorful and will be the culinary surprise on the holiday table. All guests will be pleasantly surprised by these impressive delicacies!


Method of preparation

1. Wash the potatoes well and boil them in their skins.

2. Finely chop the green onion and parsley. Cut the ham and onion into cubes and fry them in butter.

3. Peel the potatoes.

4. Mix the ham with the green onions, parsley and cheese.

5. Cut the potatoes in half, remove the core and cut it into cubes.

6. Add the potatoes to the ham and cheese mixture.

7. Mix the filling well and season with salt and pepper to taste.

8. Fill the potato halves with the mixture obtained, combine the potatoes with the paired halves, pass them through the flour, then through the egg and again through the flour. Fry the potatoes in a lot of oil until they get a golden hue.

Breaded potato recipe. What other 3 ingredients to add for a perfect taste

Breaded potato recipe. What other 3 ingredients to add for a perfect taste. If you want to prepare something quick and delicious, then the recipe for breaded potatoes is the right choice! You will get some appetizing, soft, fine potatoes and the crispy crust makes them irresistible. The recipe is extremely simple, does not require many ingredients and has a perfect taste.