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5 Places Corporate America Has Left Christmas Alone

5 Places Corporate America Has Left Christmas Alone

The Daily Meal rounded up five towns across America that bring out the true cheer and spirit of Christmas

From special holiday markets to parades, these towns know how to celebrate Christmas.

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Could you think of a more Christmassy town than a town named Bethlehem, which earned its name on Christmas Eve in 1741? Bethlehem has its own beautiful tree-lighting ceremony along with its popular Christkindlmart, which is set up every Thursday through Sunday after Thanksgiving along with many other Christmas activities.

Durango, Colorado

Nestled in the mountains of Colorado, Durango is a place for some good old traditional Christmas fun with the white wonderland environment to match. Kids can hop on the Polar Express, where they ride about 30 minutes outside of town and meet Santa at the “North Pole.” The month of December is filled with all things Christmas, so you’re in for a treat here.

McAdenville, North Carolina


Known as Christmas Town, USA, McAdenville offers 26 days of holiday spirit with its shimmering lights and hundreds (nearly 400 if you were wondering) of trees that are decorated about the town. The town has a yule log celebration and Christmas celebrations each year to partake in.

Santa Claus, Indiana


Maybe this is where all those Christmas letters you addressed to Santa ended up. Not only is Santa Claus, Indiana the final destination of your wish list letters, but it is also home to some fantastic holiday cheer and spirit. You can find just about anything Christmas-related you might ever want in Santa Claus. Visit the Lake Rudolph Campground or visit Santa’s Candy Castle.

Woodstock, Vermont

If you love Christmas, then Woodstock is the perfect place to start feeling the holiday cheer. Make it up for Wassail Weekend, an event held in the second weekend of December that traces its history back to the nineteenth century. A parade of more than 50 horses and riders sporting holiday dress make their way through the center of town, singers parade through the streets, and shops are open late to get those Christmas lists started.