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Polenta with cheese and sour cream

Polenta with cheese and sour cream

If you want a classic food that reminds you of childhood, I suggest polenta with cheese and sour cream. It's really easy and I don't think anyone can go wrong with that. That's what I prepared for lunch :)

  • 200 g Malay
  • 2 cups water
  • a few slices of cheese or cottage cheese
  • sour cream

Servings: 2

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Polenta with cheese and sour cream:

For the polenta, I boiled the water with a pinch of salt, and when the water reached the boiling point, I added the corn in the rain. I turned the polenta with a wooden spoon to homogenize the corn and avoid the formation of lumps. I chose to make the polenta a little stronger.

When the polenta was ready, I just turned the bowl over on a flat plate. I cut a few slices of cheese - whoever wants can use a different type of cheese, I chose the cheese because I hadn't eaten for a long time - and I placed each slice of cheese under the hot polenta.

I left it for a few minutes for the cheese to soften from the heat of the polenta.

We served it with french fries with scrambled eggs and sour cream. About potatoes and fried eggs I can't say that they are the healthiest or the lowest calorie food, but once in a while I don't know how long I think we can make up our minds that we are all human :)

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Buuuuuunnnnnna! And I'm a big lover of cream cheese, today I had lunch at lunch, and tomorrow I'll eat, as I've been fasting since Monday. Have a nice day!

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It's also to my liking. I eat polenta and naked, I like it so much. I kiss you!

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Milica, I'm glad you like this simple and tasty recipe :)

@Mihai: :))) you're right, big appetite!

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I can't-I can't-I can't eat polenta with cheese and sour cream. I chew it and I can't swallow it! put me a piece of meat or sausage instead of this stuff and that's the story :))))

Zazule, what do you say sounds really like tochitura or something :)) yummy and that, especially if you break an egg taken straight from under the chicken feathers :))

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Put the milk and butter in a bowl on the fire. Stir periodically and when the composition starts to boil, gradually pour the cornstarch. Be careful not to form lumps. Sprinkle salt and pepper in the composition.

Boil the polenta over medium heat and mix it from time to time. After the polenta is ready, add the cheese and mix vigorously. Put it in a container, leave it to cool a bit, after which you can serve the polenta with sour cream. Sprinkle with grated cheese on top (optional).

After you found out how to make polenta with cheese and sour cream, prepare this culinary treat for your family. Good appetite!

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Polenta with cheese and sour cream

2. When the water starts to boil, gradually add the malai in the rain, stirring with a whisk (CAUTION & # 8211 the water should not boil, otherwise lumps will form).

3. Stir continuously for a few minutes until the polenta has absorbed the water.

4. Now add the butter and let it boil for 20 minutes on low heat and mix from time to time with a wooden spoon.

5. When the polenta is cooked, turn it over on a chopping board or plate.

6. Put two polenta polenta on a plate, add sour cream and grated cheese. It can also be served with egg yolks.

Why did I choose the Silence and Swallow recipe?

I stopped on this old, shepherd's recipe, because it is prepared with authentic products of local origin. In addition, this layered polenta is consistent and nutritious, being part of the winter menu.

This type of gratin is found in all European mountain regions, whether alpine or Carpathian. The French, the Swiss, the Austrians or the Italians have similar recipes in the national gastronomy. Some use potatoes, others polenta. In any case, in all these recipes the local cheeses are highlighted: from Emmentaler or Allgauer to Gruyere, Comte, Abondance or scamorza, provolone, pecorino.

Our cheeses suitable for this dish would be the softer telemeau, the bellows cheese or the simple or smoked cheese, the hot and aromatic cheeses kept in bark or fir cetina. All these can be made from sheep's or cow's milk.

I looked for an authentic recipe for this Taci si-gite and I stopped at the one noted by the late Radu Anton Roman in his book "Romanian dishes, wines and customs". Radu was originally from Fagaras and said:

The famous and magnificent Transylvanian copture, spread especially in the southern countries - Barsei, Fagaras, Amlas, Hateg - "Shut up and swallow" is an old masterpiece, known for centuries. Serious books quote and present it as such since the beginning of our century - when it is spread and swallowed in silence and throughout the country - as a delicious and refined enough cooking to steam on large tables, while expressing something of taste and the strong Romanian feeling of that time - do you remember that the princesses went to the court balls in folk costume?

That's why I chose to present this recipe in a gourmet magazine of international circulation! To let others know what goodies we have. Remember that this recipe is one gluten free, polenta being tolerated by celiac patients.

The classic polenta (with water and salt) is made as shown here. In this case we boil it in milk and cream.

From the ingredients below we obtained 4 individual servings of polenta with cheese and eggs. Of course you can use a large heat-resistant form in which to place them together.