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Easiest ever dip recipes

Easiest ever dip recipes

Pair a couple of homemade dips with a bag of tortilla chips or a fresh baguette for a super-easy, delicious picnic. Here are our favourite dips for lazy afternoons in the park, or an easy lunch in the garden.

We can’t get enough of this beautifully simple, summery recipe.

Full of flavour, an amazing colour, and ready in just five minutes!

Peppery watercress and creamy ricotta is a match made in heaven.

This thick and silky aubergine dip has a little kick from the fresh chilli.

Sweet and warming, this bright pink dip is a real showstopper.

This tasty, healthy snack is so easy to make and perfect for dipping with just about anything. Whip-up this classic in minutes and enjoy!

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