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Woolworths Beef Meatballs and Wagyu Chorizo

Woolworths Beef Meatballs and Wagyu Chorizo

We’re really excited about Jamie’s super-tasty, no-fuss products with Woolworths, the fresh food people. These awesome beef meatballs with Wagyu chorizo are so versatile – here are just three of our favourite ways to enjoy them.

Served simply with spaghetti, a grating of Parmesan and a few torn fresh basil leaves. These super-moreish meatballs are guaranteed to raise smiles all round the dinner table!

Swap pasta for chunks of delicious crusty bread and mop up all that gorgeous flavour. Add a little green bean salad on the side and you’ve got a feast!

Rustle up a smooth and creamy potato mash and top with your meatballs and sauce. Serve with your favourite steamed greens and then elevate the whole dish with a good sprinkling of fresh parsley.

Find the Created By Jamie Beef Meatballs and Wagyu Chorizo, at Woolworths in the meat aisle.

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