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Bean salad with couscous

Bean salad with couscous

I made a light salad for those who fast or for vegetarians, which has a perfect combination of couscous and beans, parsley and lemon juice. If we want something else, we can add them according to our preference, I put some baby carrots to give it a little sweetness and color.

  • canned beans (assorted with chickpeas of 500 gr)
  • 3/4 cup cus cus
  • a handful of green parsley
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • juice of 1 half lemon
  • o mana carrots baby
  • green onion (or red, optional)

Servings: 3

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Bean salad with couscous:

I boiled the couscous in water with a pinch of salt, then drained it well.

I boiled the carrots separately in a saucepan.

I washed the parsley and cut it finely, put all the ingredients in a bowl and seasoned with salt and pepper. I put the juice from half a lemon, but it is put according to everyone's taste.

Optionally you can add a small red onion or 3-4 strands of green onion.

It's a treat!

Good appetite!

Stuffed lamb crown

* 10 uncut lamb chops, whole piece
* 500 g medium couscous
* 1.5 l of boiling water
* 1 carrot
* 1 mint mint
* 1 red bell pepper
* 1 onion
* 4 tablespoons olive oil
* 10 cloves of garlic
* 200 ml white wine
* salt
* pepper.

1. Put the couscous in a bowl and cook it with salted and peppered water.
2. Cover it and let it rest, to swell.
3. Saute onion, carrot and pepper in oil, finely chopped.
4. Season the hardened vegetables and then place them over the couscous, after it has absorbed all the water.
5. Add finely chopped green mint, mix the ingredients and season more if necessary.
6. Bare the chop bones, on a length of 3-5 cm.
7. Bow the meat so that it forms a crown.
8. You can even tie it with food thread.
9. Put the crown in a tray with a little oil and 200 ml of wine.
10. Fill the crown with cus-cus.
11. Place the peeled garlic in the pan.
12. Place the tray in the oven for at least 30-40 minutes, until the crown is evenly browned.
13. To serve, place the wreath on a plate, remove the string and garnish with mint leaves.
14. Have a good appetite!

Camelia's corner

When I don't order online and physically go to the store to buy something, I really like Naturescu (I go to the one in Mega Mall, I don't know if there are others). From them I always buy products from Solaris and Ambrozia (I told you about their products in other posts), but I always find new products that tempt me. The last time I discovered konjac flour pasta, which has less than 10 calories / 100 grams and I also discovered Nairn's products with them. Naturescu seems to me a little treasure when it comes to healthy eating and I hope to get the site up and running faster.

You can order Solaris products directly from website - transport is free for orders over 150 lei and you will receive a gift for each order. I really like the pine seeds, the pretzels, the crunchy soy, the macinis, the sweet and sour snack, the Hai la mixes. salad seeds and the list could go on. The prices are very good and they have many products that are really worth trying.

Salads of all kinds and more

I have always considered cooking dishes as an art, without referring directly, in any way, to my small culinary ambitions focused mostly on traditional Romanian recipes. Sometimes I escape and try to make certain recipes, more or less inspired by what I see or read. Most of the time, I finally get to more or less of my own preparations, so to speak, putting into practice some current ideas that belong to me.

The current cuisine, intensely promoted on TV, but also through the written press, respects the fashion of salads, of all kinds, you wonder what ingredients, more or less ours. The curiosity of the taste urges you to try to prepare more sophisticated salads. It is true that most of the time, once the curiosity is satisfied, we do not repeat that culinary experience.

Salads that we always prepare! In my family's recipe book there are some traditional salads, prepared / inherited, most of the time, on the occasion of the anniversaries of the parents 'family and the in-laws' family. My father-in-law wished for all the holidays and most of the time for the family meal, on Saturday, at lunch & # 8211 beef salad. During the religious fasts, the grandmother prepared for her simple oriental salad (boiled potatoes, sliced ​​onions, black olives, sunflower oil, wine vinegar, coarse salt, possibly lettuce and moon radishes, sliced). For us children and for those who wanted more, an improved oriental salad was prepared, not always with the same ingredients & # 8211 oriental salad with tuna and quail eggs. Buying a steamer, we started to prepare quick salads with steamed vegetables. Inspired by what I saw on TV, I prepared a salad with pasta, mushrooms, anchovies and canned tuna or yellow tomato salad with mozzarella and Prague ham. Cauliflower is my favorite vegetable and is found in several salads & # 8211 scalded and fragrant cauliflower salad or cauliflower salad with mayonnaise. You can't miss the traditional eggplant salad or eggplant, pumpkin and capsicum salad. The salads we prepare are most often served with meat dishes & # 8211 root salad or pumpkin salad with garlic or baked pepper salad and fish dishes & # 8211 baked beetroot salad on a grill lid or beetroot salad or green bean salad.

Quick salads that we prepare to be served with the main course! The preparation of these salads is based on lettuce / leurda / new cabbage and / or seasonal vegetables, bought fresh, from the stalls in the market. We make various combinations of lettuce / leurda / new cabbage with vegetables, cut in various ways, human with common ingredients (coarse salt, freshly ground peppercorns, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice / apple cider vinegar and honey / blackberry vinegar , etc.) and most often enriched with some greens (dill, parsley, basil, even larch, green onions, green garlic). Sometimes the liquid mixture for the salad also contains a tablespoon of sweet mustard or a few hot pepper flakes / fresh hot pepper, cleaned of seeds, thinly sliced. We use balsamic vinegar only for cooked / boiled beetroot salad.

Other ingredients from the prepared recipes! Especially in the cold period we use canned beans, canned tuna, couscous, canned sweet corn beans, canned chickpeas, combined in the same way. And the white, raw mushrooms are in our attention. Olives, boiled egg and goat cheese are also ingredients often used in family recipes.

The vegetables and the other main ingredients being obvious, the ones mentioned in the title and which are clearly distinguished in the pictures, I will not list the ingredients in each recipe. I will only mention some culinary secrets.

New cabbage salad with cucumbers and moon radishes.

In order for the salad not to come out watery, the new cabbage is finely chopped, mixed with coarse salt and then squeezed. For a special salad color, add finely chopped green dill and green onions.

Lettuce with leurda, moon radish and olives.

Leurda is a wild garlic and gives a special flavor to salads but also to soups and even food, added in small quantities (a few leaves). Green olives and black olives accentuate the slightly bitter taste of the salad.

White radish salad, carrot, gulie and leurda.

It is a salad of early spring when leurda appears shyly under the leaves, in the forest. Collectors take the leaf as big as a thumb with the root in its entirety (the root looks like a clove of garlic, which does not bite). Faithful sliced ​​leurda is mixed with freshly grated carrot, radish and gulia given on a large grater, seasoned with coarse salt and squeezed in the hands. Black radish and gulia are winter vegetables, full of water.

Tomato salad, cucumber, green onion and green garlic.

The first tomatoes and cucumbers that are harvested from the solarium go perfectly in the salad with finely chopped green onions and garlic. The larger chopped parsley gives a special taste to the salad, which is served roasted on the pan or on the grill, made of red meat.

Salad of yellow and red tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers and red onions.

If goat cheese is added to the salad on a large grater or fresh mozzarella, broken into pieces, the salad can be served as a quick dinner with a glass of white, dry, cold wine.

Consistent salads that can be served for dinner, possibly with a slice of warm bread to soak in the delicious sauce.

These salads are full, full of vitamins and are served as a night dinner.

-Tomato, bell pepper and cucumber salad with boiled egg, anchovies, olives and goat cheese.

Cut the anchovy pieces into small pieces and mix the salad well using a spoon. The anchovy fish being strongly salted, only a coarse salt powder is added to the salad, especially if the oil in which the anchovy was dripping is also added to the salad.

The hard boiled egg is cut into thin strips which, by mixing with the rest of the ingredients, will bind the salad, making it homogeneous.

-Bean salad, raw mushrooms, canned fish, olives and boiled egg.

It is a winter salad that contains beans, white and red, canned, cucumber in vinegar and donuts in vinegar, thinly sliced. The white, raw, thinly sliced ​​mushrooms give a special taste to this salad.

-Salad with couscous, canned tuna boiled egg and olives.

The pasta is boiled before and drained through a sieve. Being a late autumn salad, as ingredients you can also use tomatoes, lettuce (young, autumn), bell peppers / capsicum.

Good appetite you gourmet brothers and you gourmet brothers from everywhere you are in the world! Quite often we, when the mice make noise in the stomach, to resort to the preparation of quick recipes, time is not exactly a close friend in these cases. I want to believe that by preparing these recipes, those who want to will not be disappointed.

How to prepare the best couscous couscous!

In Morocco, a kind of semolina is used, which is ground thicker and then steamed. This process is long and tedious, because semolina grains must be boiled several times to obtain a satisfactory result.

Because the process is quite complicated, in our supermarkets there are ready-made couscous, which we can cook at home.

The most important thing is to prepare a mix of spices in advance, because without them, the food will have no taste!

This mix can be made from: black peppercorns, ginger, nutmeg, curry, Moroccan spices for couscous, salt, garlic powder, hot chili peppers. Mix in a mortar until a uniform, light brown powder is obtained.

During this time you can prepare the ready-made couscous. The simplest method is to prepare it like rice. Put a little butter in a non-stick pan, add the coua-cous, fry it a little, add water and boil it at the right heat, until the liquid is absorbed.

But it would be best to follow the instructions on the cous-cous packaging to make sure you get something. edible.

After you have prepared the couscous, leave it to cool, add a little lemon juice, oil and spice mix (if you have not already boiled it).

Along with couscous, you can serve a whole range of foods, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, meat or fish and even chocolate or vanilla cream. .

You can make a wonderful salad from couscous, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, mint and parsley: all the vegetables are cut and added to the couscous mixture, and then left to cool for an hour.

You can also cook cous-cous with seafood fried in butter and garlic, grilled or boiled fish, canned tuna or various vegetables. Do not hesitate to try various exotic dishes because you will have a more than pleasant surprise!

Here are some couscous recipes offered by!

Couscous salad
Meat rolls with couscous garnish
Couscous with spicy sauce

Pasta or couscous with beans and spinach

Pasta or couscous because I made this sauce with both gluten-free pasta and couscous. I don't know which ones were better, they are incredibly delicious and filling.

They are very suitable for a lunch after training or if you fast intermittently because they are a complete meal of good carbohydrates and protein (along with a necessarily green salad) plus they delight you deeply with the rich taste.

They are also very quick to make, they can be taken to the casserole, especially the version with couscous that absorbs the sauce, they can also be made in larger quantities to eat 2 days of them. I assure you there is no risk of boredom.

1 can of red beans (250 grams of berries after draining)

1 bag of baby spinach 250 gr.

1 clove of garlic / a red onion / 1/2 thread leek

1 teaspoon coriander seeds

1 tablespoon oregano or other dried herbs

some cayenne pepper powder (optional)

1 packet of gluten-free pasta of 400 gr. / 100gr. Couscous

parsley for seasoning

I started by hardening the garlic in olive oil with the coriander seeds, then I added the tomato sauce, the washed beans and the spices. I let it boil, low heat for 10 minutes.

I added the spinach bag and left it on the fire for another 5 minutes. During this time I also boiled the pasta / water for couscous.

I turned the pasta over in the sauce, mixed it and left it for another 10-15 minutes under the lid (without fire) to combine the flavors well!

Tomatoes - 71 recipes

Cooking recipes with tomatoesi - delicious soups and broths, pasta sauces, salads, stuffed tomatoes, etc.

Tomatoes or tomatoes are a much sought after vegetable all year round, irreplaceable in cooking or salads. From these are prepared consistent juices, rich in vitamins, broth, concentrated pasta, preserves, paprika, vitamin flour, compote, jam or even jam.

  • water 83.7%
  • carbohydrates 3.40%
  • protein 1.25%
  • vitamin A 2-6 mg
  • vitamin B1 mg 0.03-0.1
  • vitamin B2 mg 0.05-0.07
  • vitamin C mg 0.005-0.008
  • vitamin P mg 0.1-0.2

There are varieties of tomatoes for salads, varieties for industrialization, for canning, etc. If we want to prepare, for example, a salad, we will buy tomatoes of large and fleshy varieties, with thin, smooth, homogeneously colored skin. They have a pleasant taste and a higher proportion of sugars and acidity.

Varieties for industrialization have smaller fruit and thicker skin. They are musty, with a lot of dry matter. They are used for juices, broth, tomatoes in broth, canned bottles, canned soups, etc.

Depilation of tomatoes is very easy if we boil them in boiling water for a few minutes then pass them under a stream of cold water.

Couscous salad

Couscous is in the form of spherical granules, is made of durum wheat flour (semolina) or millet and is prepared by soaking with hot water or steam. You can serve it cold or hot in soups, salads, sauces, vegetable or meat stews or with fish. Couscous is a rich source of protein, fiber, selenium and vitamin B.

Preparation time:Ten minutes
Cooking time:15 minutes (soaking couscous)
Total time: 25 minutes
Servings: 2

Tocanita de Oua

Today I present a Stew especially what is often cooked in our country. It's about Tocanita de Oua .

It is easy to prepare and just as filling, just right for the cold winter days when you don't know what to cook anymore. You may want to try others prepared with eggs We hope you enjoy this recipe Pork stew and try it as soon as possible.

Ingredients Egg Tocanita:

4-5 eggs
2 pieces onions
2 gogosari
2 larger peeled tomatoes,
1 teaspoon sweet paprika
salt, pepper to taste
1 packet of Cus-Cus pasta
200 g smoked sausages
1 box of beans (250-300 g)
1 teaspoon marjoram (fresh or dried)
4-5 tablespoons oil

Egg Stew Preparation:

We clean the onions and donuts and then cut them into small pieces. eggs boil, clean and cut into slices. Peel a squash, grate it and slice it. Heat the oil and heat the onion with a pinch of salt. Add the finely chopped donuts and continue to cook the vegetables. Add the sliced ​​sausages, and let them fry a little, then add a teaspoon of paprika, peeled and sliced ​​tomatoes, letting them boil for a few minutes.

Put enough water on top to cover the contents of the pan, season with salt and pepper, letting it boil until the sausages are cooked. Now add the beans and let it boil a few more times. At the end we add eggs sliced ​​marjoram and do not mix in the pan, just shake it like slices of eggs to remain whole. Let it boil for about 1-2 minutes with the rest of the composition. It is served stew with pasta, preferably with Cus-Cus.