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Jon Hamm vs. Kevin Bacon: Celebrity Trayf-Off

 Jon Hamm vs. Kevin Bacon: Celebrity Trayf-Off

How do these porky-named but not at all porky actors compare?

Wikimedia Commons/Rachel Sklar; Wikimedia Commons/SAGIndie from Hollywood, USA

Jon Hamm and Kevin Bacon

Now that Jon Hamm has hung up his Mad Men fedora for the season, we're probably going to have to content ourselves with his voiceovers for Mercedes-Benz and maybe an occasional film role (what was Don Draper doing chasing Boston bank robbers in The Town?). Another actor with a porcine name, Kevin Bacon, on the other hand, is everywhere as usual, with 437 new movies and TV appearances scheduled for this summer alone. That's one big difference between the two thespians. What are some others? We decided to hold a Celebrity Trayf-Off — Hamm vs. Bacon — and let you see for yourselves.

Jon HammKevin Bacon
Robot Chicken, Early Bird SpecialFood-related film creditsRobot Chicken, Diner
Morandi (NYC), The Standard (NYC), Joe Buck's (St. Louis)Restaurant sightingsCorkbuzz Wine Studio (NYC), The Blue Room (New Orleans), Buckhead Diner (Atlanta)
Hamm's ("The beer refreshing")Eponymous beerRogue Bacon Maple Ale
The Jon Hamm sandwich (Jon Hamm between Amy Poehler and Tina Fey at Jimmy Fallon's 2010 Emmy afterparty at Trousdale, West Hollywood)Eponymous sandwichThe Kevin Bacon (fried egg, bacon, bacon, bacon, and cheddar on an onion bagel at Baby D's Bagel & Deli, Louisville)
The thigh of a pig's hind legSource of namesake meatThe belly of a pig
An overly theatrical actorMeaning of homonym for nameCookin' in the oven

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